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Inventor-friendly TV Show - Casting Call

The casting call will soon close for the first episode of a new inventor-friendly TV show for a major cable channel. They are seeking food-related inventions: growing, processing, storing, serving, disposing, etc. Participants could score a licensing deal with one of the nation’s top manufacturers, with professional guidance along the way.

Only 3 requirements:

  1. Invention should be at least patent-pending.
  2. A working prototype to show off.
  3. Outgoing personality, comfortable appearing on TV.

If this sounds like you or somebody you know, contact the Casting Director directly at [email protected] as soon as possible. Casting will soon close for the first episode.

Response so far has been great. This is a real show, by a reputable, inventor-friendly production company who values your privacy and intellectual property. Your information will not be shared with anyone unaffiliated with the program. See to view their previous work.

Patrick Raymond (former UIA Executive Director and ICKC Contest Judge will be co-hosting the show along with Steve Greenberg (the “Innovation Insider”).

Makers Fair - June 24-26, 2011

Maker Faire: Kansas City, a big community event being organized by Union Station for June 24-26. Makers Faire invites makers, crafters, inventors, food artisans, artists, scientists, etc., to show what they make (free booth for the Makers) to crowds who come to learn about these interesting products, new inventions. If this is something you would be interested in posting on your announcements, we can get the details to you.   The event is still taking applications for Makers, so we’re trying to get the word out to anyone who might like to exhibit. Maker applications are scheduled to close on April 29th. Let me know if you are interested in learning more. We expect to have 100-150 makers demonstrating their creations, and generally these events draw crowds of thousands to experience them. Commercial vendors (makers and/or vendors who want to sell their product at their event will pay a $100 exhibit fee since they are selling products).

Get Motivated Seminars

The Get Motivated Business Seminar Tuesday, May 31, 2011 Sprint Center

Join Rudy Giuliani and the Dream Team of Expert Trainers for a day that you will never forget. Inspiration, motivation, celebration and business training combine to make this a powerful day that will change your life.
We have lined up the hottest speakers and trainers in the world for a one-day, power-packed, motivational business training extravaganza. What do you want? To make more money? Sharpen your business skills? Sell more? Achieve your goals? Learn cutting-edge marketing, communication, time management, and money management strategies? Great News: You will get all of that and much, much more at the Get Motivated Seminar.

Inventor’s Digest Magazine

Revitalizing American Innovation

Inventors Digest fosters the spirit and practice of innovation. Inventors Digest is committed to educate and inspire independent and professional innovators. As the leading print and online publication for the innovation culture, Inventors Digest delivers useful, entertaining and cutting-edge information to help its readers succeed.

Inventors Digest magazine is now in its 25th year. The magazine is available by subscription and at selected newsstands.

STEP 1 - Validation

VALIDATION is the first step.  
Find out if your idea is unique and marketable or already available online?  You’d be surprised how many people miss this simple step.   Start by going to any of these sites and enter in the keywords that describe your product.  Keep a list of what you find out and what keywords are most relevant because you’ll need this information later.   


     ICKC Meeting Sponsor 

FISHER/UNITECH, established in 1993, provides Product Lifecycle Management solutions to discrete manufacturing companies. The company’s focus is on process improvement for product development, including the disciplines of industrial design, engineering and manufacturing planning. Process improvement is obtained through the integration of advanced software and hardware-based solutions to replace legacy systems.

Quantum Creative Services

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Strategies for new business development. Advertising and marketing communications. Ideas that help you grow.

CEO Space

CEO SPACE is an International, invitation only CEO & Professional trade show that ripples customers a full year after joining. Using meals to accelerate new client relationships that progress to three customer group evening presentations daily for a full week, CEOs and professionals can often develop more new business in a week than they would otherwise develop in a full year. Each of our five CEO SPACE trade shows provide powerful education upgrades at post graduate level for senior management and professionals in private practice. A money back guarantee assures the new member their experience will be profitable. Entrepreneurs from a growing number of nations worldwide attend. The non-gaming Las Vegas five star resort location details are located under the class date tab on this site. Protecting hotel space at CEO SPACE group discount rates is a one click link under the class date tab. Lifetime membership provides access to all trade shows for a single price plan. Ask about special price plans.

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