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Concrete Flipper

ICKC Board of Directors

We just wanted to say thanks for the fun and informative time we had as a part of the contest, everyone there was very nice especially Mike Devine and the people from Faultless  they really treated us well.

Ralph said he felt a little out of his league but did the best he could considering his nerves, who knows we may see you next year with a new idea.   Thanks again.

SportsShade Retractable Canopy Awning

ICKC president, Carrie Jeske, has successfully launched the SportsShade, portable, fully retractable canopy awning.    The product was patented in August of 2000 and currently selling, via direct online sales.    Carrie and her husband/inventor Stewart Jeske, raised $150,000 in start up capital and have sold more than 10,000 units, establishing brand recognition in niche markets such as Dog Shows, RC Events, Tailgaters and Trailer Campers.

Find out more about SportsShade at

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