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Name a new cold therapy solution

We’re seeking a name for a new cold therapy solution. This solution offers a malleable gel pack that can provide fast cooling relief to many areas of the body while staying firmly in place. We’d like a name that is appealing, memorable, unique, and reflects the product benefits. Because the name might be applied to heating products at a later point, please don’t use cold-related names/themes. The winner will receive a Skybar™ ONE Wine System, a $399.99 retail value.

Click here for entry forms and complete guidelines.

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Win $25,000 for the Best Android App

Your payment-enabled Android app could net you up to $25,000.
Hello Carrie Jeske,
Here’s your chance to add a PayPal mobile payment solution to your Android app, win major cash and let us help create some industry buzz for your product.

Simply submit your Android app featuring a PayPal mobile payment solution by May 14, 2011 and you might win the grand prize of $25,000 or the 2nd prize of $15,000 or 3rd prize of $10,000. Get all the details at

In app or in browser, we have payments covered. PayPal mobile solutions enable users to quickly pay for goods and services through your Android application. It’s easy to integrate—and drops you in the center of an exploding ecommerce market for smartphones and tablets.
Get started with PayPal mobile solutions:
Full challenge details:

Everyday Edisons

Everyday Edisons Product Searches

We believe each member is capable of offering that spark of innovation that will become tomorrow’s leading product, technology or brand name.

Companies host Live Product Searches through our platform, giving you the chance to pitch your game-changing ideas. We use an eight-stage review process to assess your idea with the company’s needs in mind. Throughout this review, you will receive updates on your dashboard and through real-time e-mail updates. We present the leading ideas to our partners, keeping you posted along the way.

Clorox Invention Submission

The Clorox Company and Evergreen Innovation Partners (EIP) have teamed up to create a new way for inventors to present inventions and new products to Clorox.

It’s one thing for an inventor to conceive a product, but quite another to champion it through a potential licensee like Clorox. And, conversely, it’s one thing for a company like Clorox to want to reach out to inventors, but quite another to do so in a way that eliminates IP contamination, aligns the organization, and speeds decision-making.

EIP pioneered the the Product Capitalist® model, and has partnered with Clorox to bring the EIP process to bear on new product flow for Clorox. We receive product submissions from inventors and work with the inventor to present them in a systematic way to Clorox. We know what’s important to Clorox, what they’re looking for, and what they’re not looking for.

Perhaps most importantly, we have worked with Clorox on a standard license agreement. So you know beforehand what the license deal looks like, and can determine if you want to go forward. Our standardized license agreement makes the entire process transparent and simple - and very fast. No more long waits - we guarantee to get your idea in front of Clorox within 30 days, and to get a decision within 60 days. That’s unprecedented in the industry!

If you are an inventor with a patented (or patentable) consumer invention and think it fits Clorox, we can help.

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