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Kauffman Foundation FASTRAC Entrepreneur Program

     Be the Entrepreneur You Want to Be

Whether you’re starting or growing a company, these FastTrac ® programs will help you live your dream at each stage of business:

  • FastTrac NewVentureI have an Idea for a business but I need a plan and a framework for successfully launching my company.Learn More
  • FastTrac GrowthVentureI currently own a company and am looking for proven strategies and processes for healthy growth.Learn More
  • FastTrac TechVentureI am developing a technology or science-based business and need help navigating the factors that go in to starting a business like acquiring funding and intellectual property protection.Learn More

KC Small Business Magazine

KC Small Business magazine - Smart Companies Thinking Bigger® is a monthly publication for growth-minded business owners seeking the strategies, resources and information to their businesses to take the next level. The magazine features practical, “how to” articles covering both tried-and-true and cutting edge strategies, profiles of successful companies, updates on legislation impacting small businesses, industry focuses, and a business calendar of events.

Inventor’s Digest Magazine

Revitalizing American Innovation

Inventors Digest fosters the spirit and practice of innovation. Inventors Digest is committed to educate and inspire independent and professional innovators. As the leading print and online publication for the innovation culture, Inventors Digest delivers useful, entertaining and cutting-edge information to help its readers succeed.

Inventors Digest magazine is now in its 25th year. The magazine is available by subscription and at selected newsstands.

Enjoy the ICKC discounted rate, when you subscribe here:

The Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP)

The Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP) is a cooperative program between the states of Florida, New Mexico, New York, and Texas.

SATOP is a FREE service designed to provide technical assistance and speed the transfer of space technology to the private sector. By giving FREE technology assistance to small businesses, SATOP helps them solve their challenges and increase their chances of succeeding.

The goal of SATOP is to help small businesses apply the technical expertise derived from the US space program. Made up of an Alliance of more than 45 space companies, universities, colleges, and NASA centers (Johnson Space Center – Texas, Kennedy Space Center – Florida, and White Sands Test Facility – New Mexico), SATOP finds professionals within theses companies who volunteer their time and expertise in solving the challenges brought forth by the inquiring businesses.

Clorox Invention Submission

The Clorox Company and Evergreen Innovation Partners (EIP) have teamed up to create a new way for inventors to present inventions and new products to Clorox.

It’s one thing for an inventor to conceive a product, but quite another to champion it through a potential licensee like Clorox. And, conversely, it’s one thing for a company like Clorox to want to reach out to inventors, but quite another to do so in a way that eliminates IP contamination, aligns the organization, and speeds decision-making.

EIP pioneered the the Product Capitalist® model, and has partnered with Clorox to bring the EIP process to bear on new product flow for Clorox. We receive product submissions from inventors and work with the inventor to present them in a systematic way to Clorox. We know what’s important to Clorox, what they’re looking for, and what they’re not looking for.

Perhaps most importantly, we have worked with Clorox on a standard license agreement. So you know beforehand what the license deal looks like, and can determine if you want to go forward. Our standardized license agreement makes the entire process transparent and simple - and very fast. No more long waits - we guarantee to get your idea in front of Clorox within 30 days, and to get a decision within 60 days. That’s unprecedented in the industry!

If you are an inventor with a patented (or patentable) consumer invention and think it fits Clorox, we can help.

Inventors Corner at National Home & Houseware Show

The Inventors Corner pavilion and Inventors Revue are hot destinations at the Show.
Retail buyers and exhibitors know this is where to find the latest, most creative new product concepts. Tell your story to industry insiders who really want to hear about your idea.

The Inventors Corner hosts 40 inventor exhibitors. This pavilion makes it easy for
Retailers and marketers to find fresh faces in one place — you will be at the center
of media and industry attention.

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