Invention Score

We analyze 5 pillars that companies and investors really care about, for a maximum of 850 points. See how it’s calculated. So, if your InventionScore™ is 550, the InventionPlan™ is your checklist of next steps to make up 300 points. Every report is personalized, not auto-generated. We sell no development services whatsoever, so you can trust our honest diagnostic and personal advice. If necessary, we refer you to affordable (or free) do-it-yourself resources.

Our scientific diagnostic formula will save you time — and potentially thousands of dollars – on your journey to that amazing licensing deal or investment. Our proprietary algorithm is a revolutionary new teaching tool. Find out what companies and investors really care about. No need for expensive “development” work or subjective opinions. A high InventionScore™ means more bargaining power. A low InventionScore™ is also valuable: it shows you how to significantly improve your odds before submitting to a company. Your invention deserves it.

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