2011 Finalists Action Plan

Due Date
Action Items - Pre Event

 July 22 by
5 pm est
Redeem Your "Free" InventionScore
Add value to your preparation and presentation by redeeming your first ICKC prize!  Please go to www.MyInventionScore.com/ICKC and see what the service includes, normally priced at $695. Select the “Order Now” button. The system will ask you to create a profile. At the payment page, use the 100% free discount code “finalist18” (without quotations) and hit the “Apply” button. Be sure to use your discount code, and hit the “Apply” button. This will recalculate the amount due to $0.  This is a prize only available to 2011 Contest finalists.  Review Award letter here.
July 20  at
7 pm cst
Conference Call
ICKC Board members will be available by telephone to share some presentation skills and answer your questions about the event.

Dial (712) 775-7000  Access Code 995734 at the appointed time.

July 26 by
12 am cst
Confirm PowerPoint Photo's, Video
We will input the photos and/or videos you've already submitted into an comprehensive event PowerPoint presentation that will flash behind you as you demo.

If you have changes you must submit them to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  by Tue July 26 by 12 am. 
No exceptions.  Don't delay.  For large files, use the free service at

Decide "what / how" you'll present your product
Each Finalist will be given 3 minutes to present and 2 minutes for judges Q&A. The presentations are timed and not allowed to run over 5 minutes.

TIP: You and your product will be introduced. Explain WHAT your product is and does along with it's benefits/value. Briefly state the market need for your product and why you product is better than other alternatives.

Next Morning - Wed Aug 3

Please book return flight 4:00pm or after Wed. Aug 3rd.  If you are voted a finalist, please count on meeting with Faultless Starch at their corporate headquarters on  Wednesday morning for a more thorough presentation and lunch awards ceremony.

List of Finalists

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