The Kansas City Star - May, 2011
Local Inventors Hope For That One Great Idea

Featuring inventors Robin Westlin, Stewart and Carrie Jeske, Brian Hagar,Hoyl Lockett, and Keith Calvert.

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KCTV 5 News - May 9, 2011
6th Annual Invention Contest

Carrie Jeske is interviewed by Carolyn Long about the 6th Annual Invention Contest and best practice inventing. 

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Fox 4 News - May 9, 2011
6th Annual Invention Contest

Carrie Jeske is interviewed by Loran Halifax to encourage submissions to the 6th Annual Invention Contest.

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Got Invention Radio - March 31, 2011 
"Inventor Clubs"

Inventor Clubs …. It’s a great way to learn the business of inventing.  Got invention radio will be hosting an entire hour long program dedicated to the grass roots inventor clubs across the country.

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KC Small Business - December 2010
"License Your Technology or Sell it Yourself?"

Steve Pope discusses why the options in developing a technology aren't mutually exclusive - the risks and rewards of licensing vs. selling your technology - a device, product or machine.

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KCUR Radio Show - October 19, 2010
"Central Standard" hosted by Jabulani Leffall 
"The Spark of Innovation" 

Local inventor, Steve Pope joins us to tell us about his own 'AHA Moments' that have led to new creations, like his TV Commercial Silencer. His KC business R2FACT is a development team for research, design, engineering, and prototyping.

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KCUR Radio Show - June 21, 2010
"Up to Date" with Steve Kraske
"Inventors and Inventing " 

Today, we delve into the world of inventors. Guest host Brian Ellison talks with Doug Hall, founder and CEO of the Eureka! Ranch. He also talks with local inventors, Steve Pope and Carrie Jeske, about their creative processes and inventions.

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Fox 4 News
Invention Contests

  Watch November, 2007  Dispenszor Product
video_icon_3  Watch: August, 2009     Live Coverage

KMBC-TV 9 - August, 2009
4rd Annual Invention Contest - Live coverage

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KSHB Action News 
Annual Invention Contests 

  Watch November, 2007 Dispenzor Product
video_icon_3  Watch August, 2009     Live Coverage

Kansas City Business Journal - August 17, 2008
"Dreams of Inventors Fight Nightmare Odds"

Rich Melton, an inventor from Gardner, has created a lawn care device that keeps planted seeds from washing down slopes during rainfall.  Estimates place the odds of getting an invention licensed somewhere between 1 in 1,000 and 1 in 3,000, said Steve Pope. 
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ALL-Business - April 23, 2008
"The "Walk-By Factor" by Stephen Key

Why You Need It and How to Recognize It.
I dedicated a recent blog to inventor’s associations and groups. Some are obviously stronger than others. But President of the Inventor’s Club of Kansas City, Steve Pope, provides a primary example of what you have to gain by attending one and pursuing opportunities.

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Fox 4 News - August  2006/2007
Invention Contest Winners

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Kansas City Live - TV 5 - August 2006/2007
Invention Contest Winners 

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Kansas City Business Journal - July 30, 2007
Inventors Contest
Faultless Starch/Bon Ami Co. will have its Faultless/Garden Weasel Contest Aug. 28 in Kansas City. "Ultimately, the goal is to land the inventor with a licensing deal and pay them royalty," Steve Pope.

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Kansas City Star Business Weekly - February 27, 2007
"PATENTS AND PRODUCTION.  Putting ideas into practice is not a simple process: Seeing Your Invention Through"

Entrepreneur week helps highlight some success stories of those who dream big.

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IBNewsmag.com News article - Jan-Feb, 2007
"Have A New Idea For A Product? - Step 1, Validate it"

Issue IBNewsletter

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Fox 4 News  - January, 2008
Inventing Series

  Watch:   Researching an Invention Idea
video_icon_3  Watch:   Evaluating an Invention Idea
video_icon_3  Watch:   Prototyping and Product Invention
video_icon_3  Watch:   Patenting an Invention
video_icon_3  Watch:   Licensing a Product





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