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Jan 15

How to make money in mobile
Darrin Clawson
Founder and CEO
Engage Mobile Solutions, LLC

Feb. 19

FastTrac Entrepreneurship
Alana Muller, president


Mar 19

Joe Lieberman
Capitus Group

April 16

Crowd Funding and Kickstarting Your Creation
Curt McMillion &
Bob Coulston

April 19-20
Special Event in Wichita, Kansas by the USPTO


May 21 

Carrie Jeske
Inventive Ideas
Inventive Ideas - ASOTV

June 18

Commercializing the Culture of Innovation
Ivan Gene Brown, Ph.D.
Brown Med president and CEO

July 16

Expert Panel of Successful Inventors



9 th Annual Invention Contest
As Seen on TV context - Ongoing

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Aug 20

PATENT LAW - New Rules

Paid Special Event



Oct 16



No Meeting
Board Elections & Planning


No Meeting

Board of Director

Holiday Party


Inventor Educational Programs in 2012
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Jan 17

Invent For "As Seen On TV"

7th Annual Invention Contest, Product Search & Inventor Expo Kick-off

Meeting Details

Ed Walberg, president
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got invention radio

Listen Online
Thursdays @ 7 pm cst

What information do potential licensees want to see when reviewing product submissions?
How to make money as a product scout.
Kenny Durham - Agents
Jeff Potts, Graphic arts
Tom Gilland, Graphic arts

ThBigger logo_4c

Mar 20
Neal Sharma, CEO

April 17

How To Develop Mobile Apps and/or
Start a Technology Company
Success Stories:
Vince Vaughan, CEO/Founder

May 15
Selling Your Product in 7 Steps
Bill McHenry, president
Envision Sales & Marketing
UIA Board of Directors
June 19

How to Master the Art of Communication

* What NOT to say to blow a deal
* How to quickly and easily establish rapport
* How to lead with questions
* How to identify what is actually most important to them
* How to know you are going to close the deal BEFORE making your closing statement

Sean Murphy

July 17
The Innovation Process
Expert Panel from each stage
(Conception, Validation, Funding, Prototyping, Patents, Manufacturing, Sales)
Board of Directors
Committee Chairs

Aug 7 

POSTPONED TILL Q2 of Next year

As Seen on TV Results Show
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Aug 21

Attorney Lea Bailes -  How to set up your small business.   What paper work do you need to attract investors.

Pitch Your Product - bring it, pitch it and get feedback.

Sept 18

Author/Inventor Stephen Key returns to Kansas City for an extra ordinary night of education and connection.

How To License Your Ideas For Royalties.

Stephen Key Stephen Key - one simple idea
Oct 16
Pitch Your Products
Bring what you've got and share it with the group!
Your Link Here
Nov 20
No Meeting.  Board of Director Strategic Planning. ICKC Logo
Dec No Meeting.  Board of Director / Committee Chair Holiday Party Board of Directors Holiday Party

Inventor Educational Programs in 2011

Date Topic Speaker
Meeting Sponsor $200
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Jan 18
Dr. Gereld Udel
Innovation Institute
Jan 25

How to build a management
team that attracts investors.

Herb Shi

Kenny Durham
Innovators Warehouse

Mar 15

April 19

John & Laura Gast
May 10
2nd Tue
From Idea to Product
to Market

Bill Johnston
Quantum CreativeServices


May 24 Premier KC Conference
for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Startups
ThinkBig Join members of the ICKC Board of Directors for this informative event.
June 21

The United Inventor's Association

Mark Reyland
Executive Director
United Inventors Association (UIA)

Gilland Graphx

July 19

Advice from local pro's that can save you time and money
Bring your prototypes, marketing material and questions to the meeting!

ICKC Board of Directors
Committee Chairs
Industry Experts

My Invention Score

Aug 2
1st Tue
6th Annual Invention Contest, Product Search
1st Annual Inventor Expo
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Sept 20

Using The Subconscious Mind
To Be Creative

Terry Martin
The School of Metaphysics
Dream School

Spread The News PR


Oct 18

How To Search On The Internet To
Save Money and Time.

Steve Pope

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Inventor Educational Programs in 2010

Date Topic Speaker
Jan 12 Social Media For Inventors Shawn Kinkade
Feb 16 Top 10 Things Every Inventor/ Entrepreneur Should Know To
Launch A Successful, Profitable Company
Herb Sih
Mar 16 Incorportation Strategies for an Invention Business Rick Gier
April 20 Prototyping Discussion Panel
May 18 Inventors, INfomercials and the Internet-
How to get your idea to market
Marty Fahncke
June 15 Research Tools For Inventors Pam Jenkins
July 20 How To Present To Angle Investors Cherie Streeter
Aug 3 National Invention Contest David Murray
Aug 4 InventionScore Idea Evaluation Patrick Raymond
Sept 21 Secrets To Successfull Inventing Mark Manley

Inventor Educational Programs in 2009

Date Topic Speaker
Jan 13 How To Promote Yourself Garrett Gardner
Feb 17 SCORE Business Plans Ed Kill
Mar 24 Successful Inventor Joe Markley
Apr 14 Funding Stages Carrie Jaske
May 19 PR Via Media Mike Drummond
June 30 Funding Angel Investing Cheri Streeter
July 21 Patents & Prototypes Robert Lambrechts
Aug 4 Invention Contest Danny O'Neill
Sept 15 Grant Writing Sherita Herring
Oct 20 Promoting Product Todd Brabender
Nov No Meeting
Dec No Meeting

Inventor Educational Programs in 2008

Date Topic Speaker
Jan 22 Validating An Idea Multiple Speakers
Feb 19 Evaluating An Idea Robert Lambrechts
Mar 18 Patent Searching John Lindsey
Apr 22 Inventor Seed Capital Maria Simone
May 20 Prototyping from Thought to Form David Laverick
June 24 Patenting Richard Ridley
July 15 Licensing Benny Lee
Aug 12 Invention Contest Gary Kellmann
Sept 16 Marketing Bonnie Kaake
Oct 20
Nov No Meeting
Dec No Meeting
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