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CJ Boylan founded the Inventor's Club of KC in 2004 while caring for her husband, an orthopaedic surgeon, who had been diagnosed with cancer.

CJ traveled to Houston with him for treatments at the MD Anderson Cancer Center and found the Houston Inventors Association nearby.   Since its beginning in 1983, HIA has become one of the strongest voices in America for the independent inventor with a motto of "inventors helping inventors" under the umbrella of the United Inventor's Association.

CJ used the knowledge gained at HIA to create her own inventions and today is the proud patent holder of many unique ideas, avialable for license or marketing.   At the same time, she gathered a group of Kansas City professionals and began monthly meetings with the goal of helping inventors, "Soar To Success".  

CJ has served as a successful business person and entrepreneur in commercial real estate and is known for her generous spirit and kind heart.

ICKC is forever grateful for the contributions of CJ Boylan.  In 2011, the Board of Directors voted to honor her as Founder emeritus, in appreciation for her contributions and inspiration for the Inventor's Club of KC.


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