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Carrie Jeske served as ICKC president from 2010-2012 and as a board member since 2006.  During that time she developed a board of directors with excellent team synergy that worked together to achieve the following goals. 
  1. Tripled completed member surveys and grew database to almost 1,500 members strong.
  2. Provided quality speakers and educational topics, measured by feedback surveys.
  3. Added more than $20,000 in corporate sponsors and revenue.
  4. Researched, Wrote and Won a Google grant for $10,000 mth in AdWords and YouTube placement grant.
  5. Added Live Web Cast videographer.
  6. Developed and promoted social networking pages on Facebook, Linkedin and YouTube.
  7. Achieved Nationwide and Industry brand recognition for ICKC.
  8. Increased volunteer participation and established committee chairs and advisory board relationships.
Currently, Carrie serves as executive director of i3 Resources, a nonprofit that helps people gain quality employement and provides educational programs on a varitey of topics.

She also serves as founder and president of
Inventive Ideas, established in 2000.   She brings a refreshing approach to business development by blending personal and professional growth to inspire authentic individuals take action to achieve their dreams. The company is looking particularly for As Seen on TV products.

Her background spans from the rookie days in sales and management at Motorola in the 1980's, through the training and development industry, into small business executive leadership and currently as an entrepreneur.   For a detailed resume, connect with her on

Currently, she is active providing consulting services to increase Sales, Social Networking, Seed Capital, Guerilla Marketing, and B2B Collections.  As time permits, she accepts advisory positions on inventor start-up management teams and occasionally invests in new patent projects.


SEED CAPITAL-early stage strategic planning and business development including identifying investors and acquiring early stage capital.

GUERELLA MARKETING-targeted spray & pray using social networks, prospect list building, direct mail, email blasts, public relations and blogs to fine tune the approach and generate qualified leads.  Competitive analysis and contact management set-up using Excel or Act 2010.  Develop online ordering process.

SALES-develop your unique sales cycle process, then acquire new business and penetrate existing accounts through telephone prospecting, face to face meetings or online orders, supported by marketing efforts.

COLLECTIONS-use a prepared guide in your own efforts or hire Carrie to make the calls.   Her "Barracuda" action plan has a 90% success rate for collecting debt from companies who remain in business.

Selected Success Stories

SportsShade Canopy Awning 
Patent issued in August, 2000 and available for sale exclusively online at  Along with her husband of 25 years, the couple navigated this product from concept to market. They raised $127,000 on one Saturday afternoon and have since sold 10% of the company to outside investors. 
Carrie presented SportsShade on QVC and sold to major retialers such as Sam's Club, Costco, Sport's Authority, Cabelas  well as a variety of other distribution channels including catalog, online and industry specific.   
Her experience spans retail consumer products as well as business to business wholesale products and services.   SportsShade is market ready with total sales exceeding $750,000.  Available for license or acquisition.

JEI Structural Engineering
Carrie manages all aspects of marketing, sales and collections for this professional services company.  
JEI Structural Engineering focuses on providing design calculations to glass and glazing industry.   Areas of expertise include: 
Aluminum Curtain Wall Design, Aluminum Storefront Design, Glass Entry Engineering Calculations, Window Blast Engineering and Design, Submerged Glass Design, Glass and Glazing Handrails and Railings, Value Engineering, Speaking, Training and Workshops.

SterileWrite Pen Sanitation Device
Patent Pending with International Rights. 
Carrie serves on the management team, helping to establish incorporation and stock offering, then worked to raise more than $40,000 in start-up seed capital.  Utility Patent Granted and Available for license now.   See

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