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Steve Gillespie is one of the founders of the Kansas City Inventors Club, when it originated along with Carol Boyland.  The two of them first met on the Plaza in a resturant and decided to persue the establishment of an inventors club in Kansas City.  He is also the second president of the organized club. 

His background includes both educational and engineering work.  He has developed intellectual property drawings for the procurment of patents since 1989 and been involved in CAD operations for more than 25 years.  He has taught engineering programs for over 15 years and been experienced in the engineering and drafting fields for over 32 years.  He currently works as a CAD Designer and Technician for manufactureing and engineering firms as a contractor and consultant. 

He has also been a CAD instructor for an AutoCAD Training Center as well as instrucing CAD in several post graduate level schools in the Kansas City area. He operates two part time businesses as well as working full time in the building, construction and engineering trades. 


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