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www.AccessorEaz.com     by  Sherre McMahon, Founder/CEO.   

     Travel Jewelry Organizer - AccessorEaz 

Jewelry Organizer

Travel Jewelry Case



AccessorEaz jewelry organizer:

  • Works well with all types of jewelry: rings, necklaces, earrings (including clips), watches, bracelets, broaches, and barrettes…even eyeglasses.

  • Has a protective cover that protects both your clothing and your jewelry.

  • Allows you to attach your jewelry to the unit for secure jewelry storage.

  • Will prevent your jewelry from tangling.

  • Expands for chunky jewelry.

  • Are designed for on hanger use...there's no need to remove the unit from the hanger to access your jewelry.

  • Is a dynamic storage system that allows you to quickly move your jewelry forward. If the outfit you put on doesn't have an AccessorEaz card hanging with it, scan the closet for AccessorEaz's specially designed hang tab. More than likely, the jewelry hanging with an outfit of a similar color or style will go well with what you're wearing.

  • Allows you to arrange & organize your jewelry for travel.

AccessorEaz® Jewelry Storage System

Hanging jewelry where it goes…with your clothes.

Store your jewelry where you’ll see it when you need it!  

AccessorEaz cover and use information:

The outer cover on AccessorEaz is designed for on-hanger use. When off of the hanger the front tabs may appear not to hold on correctly. This is not a design flaw or a manufacturing defect, when the unit is hanging the extra play at the bottom allows for width expansion of the cover for chunky jewelry.

There is no need to remove AccessorEaz jewelry storage unit from the hanger to get to your jewelry. When the unit is hanging on the hanger, grasp the top corners of the front cover and pull out to open the unit. To close the unit, press your thumbs into the tabs on the front cover to hook the tabs over the interior jewelry card.

Product demonstration video available at www.AccessorEaz.com


Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry Storage

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