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The Inventors Club of Kansas City one of the most vibrant, ambitious inventor groups in the country, needs your help.

The ICKC is vying for a $250,000 prize in the Pepsi Refresh Project, and the group needs your vote.

Pepsi is giving away $1.3 million each month to fund great ideas. Voting ends April 30. The beverage giant is looking for people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive impact.

Three are 1,138 participants in various categories now in the hunt.

The Kansas City club, ranked 237 in the contest’s Education category last time I checked, seeks to make a huge positive impact, including funding three invention-related startup companies. What would the group do with the money?

  • Live stream monthly meetings, to benefit inventors everywhere.
  • Host two Invention Contests (5th annual contest to license patent holders and a 1st annual Youth Inventor’s Contest.)
  • Offer 3 scholarships, $20,000 each, to be used to incorporate, patent, prototype, and train on private equity funding and patent licensing.  Video document “The Idea Development Process” and start-up steps, as a reality style teaching tool on YouTube.
  • Promote PR: National campaign with Midwest regional emphasis.
  • Secure $37,500 from corporate sponsors/private donors.

The group’s “Build An Invention Business” project offers an opportunity for highly skilled, creative, people to launch a business around great new ideas.  As the group notes, “New inventions, technology and the unique individuals that create them are our country’s most valuable resource and create jobs in communities.”

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The Inventors Club of Kansas City (ICKC), founded in 2004, is a nonprofit organization with almost 500 members and a monthly meeting attendance of 50 to 80 people. The meetings are free and open to the public, held the third Tuesday of each month at the Kauffman Conference Center. The ICKC Board of Directors believe new inventions, technology and the unique individuals that create them make up one of our country’s most valuable resources.

ICKC provides a learning forum for inventor/entrepreneurs and those in allied fields, benefiting all involved. Its purpose is to provide innovative education and support that will stimulate members to guide their ides through the invention process from validation, evaluation, competitive analysis, business planning, funding, prototyping, patenting, marketing, distribution and licensing.

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