Amy Kesler
Admin Asst.
Overland  Park, KS
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As a woman-owned business, Amy Kesler provides consistent administrative, technical, business office and personal support services. With more than 25 years of experience, her specialties are affordable web design, effective search engine optimization, desktop publishing, drip marketing, database design and administrative services.

Unique Qualities:
Amy provides custom, affordable web design for individuals and small businesses, along with proven high-ranking search engine placement techniques without spamming.  She feels it is critical that the client be involved in every aspect of the design process, from what color scheme to use to the content and layout.  Although all her work is custom and she refuses to use any low-end templates, she doesn't charge "custom design" prices.  You know how much you are going to spend before work begins, along with an easy payment plan.  Additional website options include e-commerce payment systems, as well as easy-to-use stand-alone or Internet-accessed databases that can be updated and controlled by the client, thus saving them even more money.

As a Virtual Assistant, Amy allows her clients to delegate their time more wisely and gives them the flexibility to hire "by the project" or on an ongoing retainer basis. This allows clients to cut their overhead expenses associated with full or part-time on-site employees such as office equipment, payroll, employee benefits and paid vacations. U.S. Chamber of Commerce statistics show that employee benefits account for 37.5% of all payroll expenses.

Amy's competitive advantage is her decisive ability to analyze a situation and implement a successful solution on time and on budget. There are very few Virtual Assistants who offer a full range of services. Therefore, clients save time searching for qualified help on each individual project and can focus on generating more business.

Would like you to know:
Another reason to hire a VA would be to increase your productivity and because there are no physical limitations, it would not limit you from moving your business to another state or even halfway around the world. Clients save money because they can outsource projects and only pay for the time used to complete their project.

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